Our Heat Health Masterclasses provide rapid, interactive learning of good science, practices, methods, and tools for essential applications in heat health, taught by leading experts in the field. 

Masterclasses do not aim to endorse best practices, but to provide participants with a better understanding of emerging issues in the field of heat health, as well as methodologies and tools to be applied in research and practice.

Each session is led by an expert who delivers a live talk and prepares learning materials, while a moderator is also available to help answer questions. Masterclasses are separated into two types:

  1. Methods and Tools: Provides a deep dive into well-understood methodologies and tools that can be applied in practical, real-world situations.
  2. Emerging issues: Provides the state of understanding for emerging issues in heat health, including evidence reviews and presentation of ongoing research.

Keep learning

Explore more educational opportunities in our e-learning and courses directory .

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