Organization: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, C40

Year: 2022

Mumbai Climate Action Plan 2022

Mumbai city, home to over 12 million people and thriving on a diverse economy, is increasingly at risk of the impacts of climate change. Increasing temperatures, depleting natural green cover, routine bouts of extreme rainfall events resulting in severe flood conditions incur severe losses to the city’s economy and its people. Recent increase in tropical cyclones along the coast and future risks from sea level rise projected over the next 3 decades pose critical challenges to Mumbai’s future. In this context, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation have led the process to drafting the first ever, Mumbai Climate Action Plan ( MCAP).

The MCAP envisions a city where its communities and citizens are safer, healthier, and thrive even in the context of a changing and uncertain climate. The MCAP is committed to a net zero and climate-resilient Mumbai by 2050. This means ensuring just transitions – towards net zero pathways; big investments – towards inclusive and transformative climate solutions; and coordinated and robust governance – to ensure a targets-based approach. BMC acknowledges that the climate crisis is already affecting us all, although in varying ways, and the time for action is now to secure a better future for all by 2050.

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