Organization: State of California

Year: 2022

Protecting Californians From Extreme Heat: A State Action Plan to Build Community Resilience

Actions in the plan are organized into four tracks –

(A) Build Public Awareness and Notification;

(B) Strengthen Community Services and Response;

(C) Increase Resilience of Our Built Environment; and

(D) Utilize Nature-Based Solutions.

These tracks include established and recommended state actions to address extreme heat. The Administration is committed to continued scoping and exploration of these actions. Areas of near-term focus include:

  • Implement a statewide public health monitoring system to identify heat illness events early, monitor trends, and track illnesses to intervene and prevent further harm.
  • Accelerate readiness and protection of communities most impacted by extreme heat, including through cooling schools and homes, supporting
    community resilience centers, and expanding nature-based solutions.
  • Protect vulnerable populations through codes, standards, and regulations.
  • Expand economic opportunity and build a climate smart workforce that can operate under and address extreme heat.
  • Increase public awareness to reduce risks posed by extreme heat.
  • Protect natural and working lands, ecosystems, and biodiversity from the impacts of extreme heat.

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