Author: Ashma Subedi, Ramiz Khan, Dr. Ahmadul Hassan, Sanne Hogesteeger

Organization: Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Year: 2021

Identification of Heat Threshold and Heat Hotspots IN Nepalgunj, Nepal

This report aims to support the Nepalgunj Upamahannagar Palika (Sub-Metropolitan City) and other emergency service providers in Nepalgunj, such as the disaster management department and the Banke branch of Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), the unit responsible for determining the heat thresholds and heat hotspots, indicating when and where to act before or during heatwave days. Moreover, the report intends to encourage city stakeholders to take fruitful actions in the upcoming heat seasons
to reduce the city’s heat risks and build stakeholder’s capacity on city heat actions.

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