Author: Nausheen H Anwar, Hassaan F. Khan, Adam Abdullah, Soha Macktoom, Aqdas Fatima

Year: 2022

Designed to Fail? Heat Governance in Urban South Asia: The case of Karachi, a scoping study

This scoping study draws on a review of key policy documents, plans, grey, academic, and scientific literature to outline the role of state and non-state actors in Karachi’s heat governance. It emphasizes the need to understand heat, microclimates, urban planning, infrastructural inequities, and vulnerability in a relational context. It also presents original climate data analysis for the last 60 years in Karachi, to quantify the rapid temperature change in the city: findings that underscore why it is important now, more than ever, to talk about heat in the context of an unequal city.

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